"Reviewers are saying that these cookies are expectionally tasty, have the soft, moist texture of fresh cookie dough, and are wonderful for consumers with multiple allergies."

- One Green Planet

"After tasting samples and scrutinizing ingredients, we chose these winners, with a particular focus on specialty diet categories such as gluten-free, vegan, and raw."

- Delicious Living Magazine

“Immediately I was excited to learn more about the organic (USDA and California), Vegan Verified, gluten-free, and non-GMO Project Verified baked goods. The brownies were unbeatable!”

- The Elephant Journal

“Free of all allergen-containing ingredients, this brownie mix will please any foodie with its mouth-watering taste.”

- The Beauty Bean

“They [It's Wholesome's high-protein pancake mix] go really well with maple or pancake syrup and I enjoyed these with immense gusto.”

- Protein Powder Blog

“I decided to try the lemon poppy muffin mix first. Oil, lemon juice, and non-dairy milk in a bowl and stir in the mix by hand. One bowl, a spoon, and a muffin tin are the only tools you need. Baking doesn’t get easier than this.”

- Learning to eat allergy-free

“Whether you want a gluten-free cake for a friend’s birthday, a holiday celebration or simply because you fancy treating yourself, It’s Wholesome baking mixes are a great choice for gluten-free folks.”

- Triumph Dining Blog

“This [It's Wholesome Big Yummy Brownie] brownie is so chocolaty and full of gooey goodness.”

- Veg News

“Quick n' easy is right! I was blown away by how simple this cake came together and it baked PERFECTLY. The flavor was amazing. I was worried the chocolate might overpower the lavender but it didn’t. Even with a dark chocolate fudge frosting, the herb rang through beautifully.”

- Big Fat Vegan Radio

“Gluten-free baked goods are a little denser than gluten-containing ones, but in this case the moistness and richness made that totally OK. And they also rose nicely; when they were cooling in the cupcake pan, each individual cake had a perfectly domed top and a nice crisp outer edge. “

- Bento Zen

“This It’s Wholesome [chocolate cake] mix is amazing. I can’t even tell it’s gluten-free! Love, love love!”

- Vegansaurus

“I would eat and bake these again, not because they are gluten-free, but because they were easy to make and tasted delicious! I cannot wait to bake with their other products.”

- Vegansaurus

“This [chocolate lavender] cake is another home run from It’s Wholesome!”

- Celiac Disease.com

“These pancakes had what every perfect stack should have – crisp edges and a doughy center. YUM!”

- Gluten Hates Me

“I usually make my own baking mixes but when I heard It’s Wholesome was going to offer a mix without sugar I got excited to try their all organic, fair-trade, vegan, sugar-free, allergy-free baking mix. I like supporting ethical, vegan companies wanting to make a difference in the world.”

- The Blissful Chef

“I’m a vanilla girl, and this cake is just so perfect with no extra flavorings at all. But if you like a little excitement, mix it up with the chai and lavender versions.”

- Go Dairy Free

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